Traffic Chaos


We left the house at 8.57am, normally driving by 9am. So all good, happy that we are all on time, and that kids are not being naughty. I was pleased and happy until the car was at a standstill and I realised that there had been an accident. We were not going anywhere. How annoying! I was just off to drop kids at school and go home and maybe some chores but did not factor in waiting in traffic for hours. A truck had overturned and blocked traffic, we passed the truck and it was a sight to see, you don’t often see trucks lying down.

I finally got to the pre-school at about 9.45am so that is nearly 45mins to drive 10mins down the road. As the road was in chaos I decided to go to the post office around the corner from the school as I thought I would never make it to my local one. I was right. I went in and did what I had to do at the post office and it only took me 5mins. Raced back to the car to see if I could start the process of getting home. I ended up waiting in traffic for over an hour to just get to the next suburb and that was better than what faced others in the opposite direction. As I drove towards Katoomba Township I noticed that all the cars going the other way were bumper to bumper, and it extended well past Blackheath, Medlow Bath, and well into the start of Katoomba according to the sign on the highway.

After I managed to get out of the traffic I popped in to deliver an invite to the girls party, and found out via a friend that the truck that had the accident at midnight last night. Also from another friend I found out that it was there at 1am, so why was it still causing an issue at 9am the same day? Why is this not cleared away when it happened? If the accident got cleared up in the early hours of the morning it would not have held up traffic and caused so much interruption. I do hope that the driver of the truck is o.k, and all is well there, but I just don’t understand why it was left to affect the lives of everyone the next day.

Not sure when the traffic was cleared as the pickup from school was weird as it was easy to get there and the accident was all cleared. I was very grateful that the traffic had eased and you could get back and forth easily. We only have one road in and one road out, so blocking a road or having hold ups is just not manageable, especially when I need to drop kids and pick them up from school.

Do know why the police or emergency services would have left the truck and waited until peak hour to fix the issue? I do not understand why it was not taken off the road when it happened, I do not know how the driver is and as stated, I hope that he/she is fine and well. Maybe emergency services had to wait to have vehicles assist to move the truck?  If you have worked in emergency services and know why this clean up would have been delayed, let us know.

I also think it would be nice to have an alternate route in case of emergency situations like this; maybe we can work on a road that we can use if this happens again. Do any locals in the area know of a road I could have taken? Is there a back way that I don’t know of? I for one don’t and would just stick to the highway. Send in your comments.

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