Making Birthday Parties Easy with Coles’ Vanilla Pink Drip Cake


Have you ever thought that birthday cakes should be easier?

What if they can be and you can take all the glory for not doing that much at all? Coles has the perfect cake to make you look like the best parent in the world.

The Coles Vanilla Pink Drip Cake will help your next party be a HUGE hit.

If you are not a fan of the Pink Drip Cake, you can also get a Chocolate Drip Cake

Our summer-inspired Coles Vanilla Pink Drip Cake
Our summer-inspired Coles Vanilla Pink Drip Cake

Coles Vanilla Drip Cake Makes Birthday’s Easier

I like any mum who wants to make their child’s birthday party special. Each year I ask each kid what they would like for their birthday, and I go out of my way to make it happen.

Hubby is a bit over all the trouble I go to and keeps on saying I should just get a cake from the shop and make it look pretty.

So when I was asked to test out the new Coles Vanilla Pink Drip Cake I thought this might be the answer to making birthday’s easier.


What did the girls choose as decorations?

The kids wanted to make it a summer cake filled with tropical decorations.

I think they did an amazing job and had fun too.

I think next time I have a party I will make things easier for myself. As a mum, there is so much to do and to organise, if you can get more time back it is a win, right?

Will you be testing out the Coles Vanilla Pink Drip Cake?

Did you know that the Coles Drip Cakes was voted product of the year for 2020?

I can see why it won product of the year, it’s yummy and a stunning-looking cake.

The Coles vanilla pink drip cake is a stunning and cost-effective solution to creating the cake of your dreams! The white icing with a delectable pink drip puts this stunning dessert on par with the decadent, Insta-worthy cakes that are continuously popping up. This cake is light, fluffy and drizzled with a sweet pink topping and makes the perfect base for decorating and dressing as you see fit! Whether it’s for a bridal shower, kids’ birthday party or just for impressing your guests after dinner, the Coles pink drip cakes are perfect for every occasion.
RRP $25.00
Available at Coles.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to make your next celebration fantastic with this super stylish cake.

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Posted first on Feb 21st 2020

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