Camping Birthday Cake


The girls love being outdoors and are keen scouts, so what better cake for kids who love an outdoor adventure – a camping cake!

I made it simple and used packets for the cake mix….yep I didn’t mix it myself. Don’t get upset if you use a packet mix it is what you do with it that counts.

How did I create this cake?

Firstly I made sure that the oven was on so it was ready to cook the cakes.
I needed 3 cakes so that I could get the height for the mountain, my idea was to have a river and waterfall of the edge of the mountain and to do this I needed to have the height of more than 1 cake.

I mixed all packs of cake and added them to the pan, and then the oven.
Once cooked they cooled to allow me to assemble the cake.

The cake ready to decorate. I had the bottom layer of the cake chocolate,
the middle layer vanilla and the top chocolate.

As you can see I mixed up the layers with chocolate cake on the bottom, vanilla cake in the middle and chocolate cake on the top. My little boy doesn’t like chocolate so I wanted him to have a little cake that I knew he could eat. However, since it was the girls birthday cake I made sure it was something they wanted which was chocolate.

Now onto making the camping scene.

What did I decorate first?

The river was the firs thing that I created. I mixed up a big batch of blue icing and started creating the river. I made sure that the river was on an angle as this way it would give me enough room to add the tent and the camp fire.

The river was bordered with chocolate rocks and geez they looked very real.

Once the river was completed I then mixed a huge batch of green icing and decorated the rest of the cake.

Look how amazing the camping cake looks. It is a real life camping scene.

Once all iced I used the following decorations to make it look like an outdoor scene.

Apple Belts all ready to decorate the Camping Cake
  • Lolly flowers
  • Apple Belts
  • Apple Sours
  • Lady Bugs
  • Witchetty Grubs
  • KitKat for the tent
  • I used a cut off skewer to help hold the tent up – I couldn’t find a straight pretzel anywhere!
  • Lolly rocks around the campfire
  • A lot of candles to make the campfire – you might only need a few as once lit this made a lot of fire. (it was okay but maybe not a good idea)
Chocolate Rocks, I think they look so real

I hope this inspires you for your next birthday party. The girls loved their camping cake and I loved creating it.

Let me know if you decide to recreate this cake or do something different. Post some pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag me!

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This post was originally posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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