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All of the girls birthday cakes

All of the girls birthday cakes

The girls are four in September, and for a while now they have been inviting everyone to their party.   As it is still July there is time to invite who we need to invite, but the girls are insisting we do it now!  Obviously very excited girls, let’s just hope that the party lives up to their expectations.  As a parent, I am just going to do a nice party of family and friends, party games, party food, and kids playing is enough for a fourth birthday celebration.

I have had some orders for the cake, it must be pink and there was a fairy princess to be on the cake at some point. Not sure, but we will see what we can organise. I am thinking that it might be a nice idea to do the number four, and decorate with pink icing, and flowers, maybe a princess? Who knows?  Depends on how hard it all is to do, then maybe have some cupcakes for the kids as they will be easier to handle.

As the girls are now older, they want to become more involved in their party, which is good, and at times I think a bad thing. The good part is that they are putting their personality into their party and having some input into their day, the bad part is that what mummy and daddy wanted to do might be not right in their eyes. My opinion is that we do a bit of what the girls want within reason and we do what we can and afford to do. It is a party and I don’t want to break the bank to do it that would just be silly. Even if we could, we couldn’t as we don’t have a lot of money so a simple party is the way to go and the only way we can go.

I know I said it would be a simple party, but simple parties can be stylish, fun and just the thing for the kids. Now I just need to design the invite, get the guest list (Have to check with the girls who they want to come) organise some party games, and pray for good weather – the party is going to be in a park so good weather is essential.

Do your kids help with organising their birthday party? Do they get super excited and invite everyone they meet? Mine do.  I don’t want to complicate things as we have done very nice cakes for their three other birthdays (check out the images of the cakes from other birthdays) , so would like to have something nice looking but simple.  What have you planned for your child’s birthday? Anything fancy or keeping it simple? Send in your comments.

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Just wanted to thank the girls grandma for helping with their birthday cakes, they do look wonderful, and the girls just loved them.  Hope this years creation will be just loved.

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