Lillian has finally said Julia, well really said “Joola” that is how it sounds. Yes a break through.  I now feel that my little girl is growing up. I know she is still little and every day she is getting bigger and learning more. However as she is now over 20mths and has never addressed her sister by her name it is an amazing day. 

Lillian usually calls Julia Lillian. Or Lilly. So for people who cannot tell them apart it is very confusing.   The girls go to childcare once a week every Thursday and it gets all the childcare workers in a spin as Julia calls Lillian “Sister” and Lillian calls Julia ” Lilly” so everyone thinks they are each other. Very funny.

It happened when the girls were drawing while sitting in their highchairs. James, my husband decided that it might be nice if the girls see the letters of their names. First he did Lillian, however he wrote Lilly as he felt Lillian was too long to start with. She just put dots around the name and drew some squiggles and said repeatly, Lilly Lilly Lilly.

He then did the same for Julia, wrote her name on her sheet of paper. Once he did that like he did with Lillian he sounded out the name and showed the words to match the name.  Then Lillian said Joola. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and was so happy to hear it. I ran to them and congratualted Lillian on saying her sister’s name.

Lillian then went back to calling Julia Lillian however she has said it and we are so happy.  Wonder how long it will take for her to say it all the time. It took Lillian ages to call Daddy, Daddy. She kept on referring to Daddy as Mummy.

She knew who he was and the same goes for Julia but she did not express it. She kept on laughing when we corrected her. It is like it is one big secret joke that only Lillian is in on. She is a clever little girl.  Makes me wonder what she is going to end up doing.

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