Doctor visit and Joola singing in car


Today I had to take Julia to the dermotologitst to look at her foot.  She has a growth that all doctors are saying is a wart, however James and I believe that it is not one as it does not present like one. Oh well will see what the expert thinks.  On my way to the doctors, Lillian was yelling at the top of her lungs. “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy,” I was getting on the main road to drive to Penrith and then I said “Yes Lillian what is it?, and she then said “Joola, Joola”, and giggled very pleased with herself.  It was like she wanted to make sure that I was listening to her and making sure that I witnessed the fact that she is saying her sister’s name.

After I congratulated Lillian for a good job of saying her sister’s name, Julia said her name and then Lillian joined in. It was a chorous of Julia’s,more like Joola. Still no i in the name, but we are getting there.

The doctor once we saw him, took one look at Julia’s foot and told me that it was not a wart. It appears that it is a clacification of the site where the hill prick tests were done in the NICU at the hospital after they were born. Lillian has a similar mark on the same foot, but it did not get sore or raised or turn black or get big.  So we are hopefully going to go and get it biopsed at Westmead at the doctors clinic. So cross fingers it all goes well.

Just pleased we were right. Interesting this is like the 3 or 4th time that doctors have not listened to us as parents and we were right. I think there is something in that. Maybe trust your instincts.

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