Shoes hurt you


As you might be aware from a last post the girls are obsessed with shoes.  Today Julia fell over and really hit her head hard and it resulted in a big bump, bruise and blood.  This injury was caused by the fact that Julia was wearing a size 5 gum boot on one foot and a sandal on the other.  The size 5 gum boot is way to big but they are happy playing, and now as they are dangerous they are banned until they can fit into them.

As the girls have not yet understood left shoes from right shoes, They sometimes or more than likely most of the time put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot.  This has caused issues with falling over as well. However it is hard to keep up as you put the shoes on they are taking them off to then change their look with new shoes or just a different shoe on each foot.I am sure that when they get older they will want shoes that are bad for them, and they will hurt them as well. So it might just start early. The obsession and the girl in them is making them love shoes.

All very strange as I was never a girly girl, I suppose having girly girls are great and if they are like that, I will adapt. I do think that they are just loving dress ups and it is not just the shoes it is the independence of doing it themselves and changing their world, one shoe at a time.

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