I can do this on my own!!!!!!!!!!!


The girls have been really wanting to feed themselves, regardless of having great spoon skills.  Every now and then I have been trying to teach the girls how to hold the spoon and to put food on it and then finally put it in their mouth. This is hard, as Julia seems to want to have it all to herself, that is the food and the help. However as I have 2 children, I need to feed one person and then the next person. So Julia gets a turn and then Lillian. Julia gets annoyed and frustrated.

On Sunday I have been giving them both 2 different bowls for dinner, lunch and breakfast and each child has a spoon each. I am now trying to make sure that they have got their own bowls, plates so that they can feed themselves. Julia has taken to this so well. She looks so proud and happy when she does it herself and the same goes for Lillian. However Lillian has not mastered putting food on the spoon as well as Julia but that will come in time.

Lillian prefers to play with her food. I do try to give her some help but she does not want me touching the bowl, plate or spoon. She just wants to do it herself. I have congratulated them on such a great job and they are becoming such big girls. 

It is hard to manage at times with the two of them, as once one sees the other do something the other one does it. So you just have to hope that they have eaten enough before they decide they don’t want anymore, or take off their bib or throw the food on the floor. At least the girls now let you know when they don’t want anymore food. When you ask them you get no, and then they wave their hand infront of your face and say no. So it is very definate No More Food.

Although they have learnt early that even if they say no to the main course they seem to have room for desert. Desert is yoghurt and they love it. When they eat it they say, cold, cold, as most of their food is warm or this is the only thing aside from cheese that they eat that is cold. It was funny when they first had it the faces that they made as it was a shock how cold it was. However they still ate it and loved it aside from the fact that it was cold. Very happy that they like yoghurt.

Soon they will be masters of eating with a spoon and then we can introduce the fork and knife…. don’t know how long that will take, first steps to manage to eat well with a spoon.

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