I have been trying to teach the girls the colours. Every chance I get, I let them know what colour something is. However, once they hear blue or purple, then every colour after that is either blue or purple. Oh well they are still learning.

However today, Lillian said Blue and Yellow Balloons on a bag that the girls are using as a handbag. These bags are just the bags you use to wrap presents or gifts. The girls put it on their arms and walk around like they have a handbag and are off shopping. They normally go and put all number of toys and drink bottles in their bags. At the end of playtime it is an interesting find on what is in their bags.

Julia and Lillian seem to be good with the colour Yellow but it is said in their own way. Lello is more like what it sounds like.

Grandma Cheryl bought them a colour book, and hoping that reading more of that and intergrating more of what colours things are will have the girls understanding what colours are and what colour is what.

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