Toliet Training


I was hoping to have the girls toliet trained by now or at least on the way to being nearly there. However they have since they have been about 1 or before that told me that they have either done a wee or a pooh and needs it changed. So that is good. Was hoping that it would go into the potty training with no issues. However they just don’t sit down on it for long and then don’t do anything.

As it is really cold here in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I feel that summer might be the way to go and have them run around in nothing with potties outside to encourage the process of learning to go on what the girls call the big big toliet.

I know it is hard to train a child but it is even harder with 2 of them at once.

I also don’t want to force the issue and not have them do it at all, would rather do it when it is the right time and have it stick. Then maybe one day we will not be wearing nappies. Yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Will keep you all informed on any progress or lack of it that happens.

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