First Sleep Over


The girls have always wanted to have a sleep over at their friends place, however they were either too young or it was never the right time. Now finally 6 and half or well over, they have had their wish granted.

Saturday morning was like every other, although I managed to have a sleep in. It was rather a relaxing way to start the day. I got up, got kids breakfast and for myself as well. I then went to do some work on the computer and of course checked my mobile to make sure there was nothing urgent I had to deal with.

Kids playing and having fun

Kids playing and having fun

I then noticed that one of the kids mates mums had texted me asking if it would be okay if they slept over that night. I told hubby. He then asked if she knew what she was getting herself into. I said I was not sure but I thought she would have some idea. Both hubby and I thought that this was a brilliant idea, it would give all kids involved some time together and us a much needed break. Very nice of this lovely lady to offer and to look after two extra kids for most of the weekend.

We got kids organised with their overnight bag, pillows, and teddies. I also made sure to include some food that I knew they would eat and to help out since there were two extra bodies to feed.

Kids got dropped at their friends after 2.3opm and we had the night to ourselves. How amazing! How weird, and unheard of. What should we do?

First things first…. we made a booking at one of our favourite restaurants and after dinner we went to the movies to watch a film. Yes a show for adults with another adult. Fancy living at its best! And how relaxing it was.  One relaxing thing about dinner was that we just ate our food. No getting upset at someone playing with their food and not eating. It was just us and we ate what we were given. It does get super exhausting to have to be at someone to eat what is on their plate, and especially when you pay a fortune for meals when you go out.

Sunday the kids got picked up at about 1.00pm and they were so happy that they had their first sleep over. They felt so grown up. What big girls they are. Since they had a party weekend with their mate the girls were super tired on Sunday. We tried to make sure they had an early night although they wanted to stay up longer. Due to school the next day, staying up all hours would not be a wise move. I can imagine the teacher wondering what we got up to if kids were falling asleep. Thank goodness this did not happen.

When I picked up the kids I gave this lovely mummy a present. A nice bottle of red wine as a BIG Thank you and to let us know when we can return the favour.

How old were your kids when they went to their first sleep over with a friend? The girls have had sleepovers with family but this is the first one with a friend from school.


If you have organised a sleep over what games and activities did you have on offer?  As I might be having an extra kid over soon I need to be prepared to keep the little ones entertained.

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