Make A Pinky Promise Today


Did you know that many cancers and disease can be prevented. Keeping yourself healthy, well and in a good weight range can help minimise your chance of some types of cancers. Yes wouldn’t this be wonderful.

Pink Hope is a charity that is urging you to Make Your Own Pinky Promise with your BFF (Best Friend Forever or just good mate) to help improve your health and your mates health as well.

What is Pink Hope about?

Pink Hope is about taking control of your health and empowering you to learn about the facts, and the myths of prevention and detection of cancer. Explore the Pink Hope website and read about the myths. It is an interesting read. I learnt that Ovarian Cancer does give you symptoms and it is not silent as first thought. Many believed it was a silent killer and only presented at the late stage of the disease.

Did you know?

“Doing at least 1.25 hours of exercise per week has a benefit; every little bit counts. The more you exercise the more benefit you get.”

What do you do to keep yourself healthy and well?

  • I am including more movement into my day. Most days I do close to 10,000 steps or way over.
  • I make sure that I add a lot of bright coloured vegetables to meals. I have heard it is good to eat a rainbow so we do in this house, well I do try!
  • I have cut back on alcohol. I have limited wine to weekends and have a glass with dinner.
  • I make sure to have a yearly check up at the doctors to make sure that all is well with me. I get bloods done, breasts checked, skin looked and of course a pap smear. I try and do it around my birthday so that I remember. So I am due one now as my birthday was yesterday.
Bright coloured vegetables in our pasta sauce

Bright coloured vegetables in our pasta sauce

What would your Pinky Promise be?

You have the chance to win a trip to New York City for 2. Yep that is right. You can take your bestie with you. Now that would be a fab way to relax and recharge. I would say that this is a good way to be happy and healthy!

This is what you can win!

  • Return flights for 2 to New York City
  • 5 nights and a fine dining experience at the luxurious Soho Grand hotel
  • $5,000 shopping spree at the new Emma & Roe by Michael Hill NYC store!

Don’t fret if you are not the grand prize winner. There are 5 runner up prizes to be won. These are prize packs from KoraOrganics by Miranda Kerr worth $500 each!


So the action plan now is!

Find your bestie and make a Pinky Promise Now. Not only will you be healthier for doing so, you could also win a trip to New York City.

I have made a Pinky Promise and will maintain my healthy eating and making sure I do more exercise. I’m now accountable to my bestie for my promise. My bestie is my hubby. So hope that inspires him as well as it does me.




Pink Hope would like more than 10,000 people to register their pledge before the end of May. I hope that we can help to get them to that number.

Disclaimer: I was approached to post about this campaign. I believe in being healthy for you and the family. I have young children and my main aim is to be around a long time so that I can be with them and see them grow up. I love anything that helps others and therefore have shared this wonderful campaign. I hope it inspires you and of course there is a chance to win a fab trip overseas as well.


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