Rocks are not eggs


Today Grandma ( Cheryl, James’ mother), the girls and I went to visit cousin Rae. It was a long drive but it was nice as it was good to get out of the house. The girls were happy to get there as they were keen to get out of the car and run around.

Rae had birds and the girls were very curious about them. Rae picked them both up at once so they could see the birds and they were so excited. However it was the rocks in the asian feng shui level thing to have keep rocks to look relaxing.  The girls were just at the right height to pick them up. They kept on saying eggs, eggs, eggs and trying to eat them. We kept on having to tell them that they are not food and they are indeed rocks.

I was changing Lillian’s nappy and she was on the floor while I was doing that. Julia then went to get a rock and then proceeded to put it in Lillian’s mouth. This was while she was lying down. Not good if you don’t want to swallow it. I sat her up quick smart. Got it out of her mouth and saved the rock going down her throat. Julia looked quite cute when she did this and thought she was doing Lillian a favour. She and her sister feed each other, give each other drinks, and many other things. They are very sweat to each other. She really must have thought it was food. Or an egg as she kept on saying.

It was a great day, but glad that I was there to save the rock from going down the throat and it was nice seeing Rae and Aaron again. Aaron shares his birthday with the girls, obvously he is older but just interesting that it is the same day.

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