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Julia washing up at home

Julia washing up at home

Last night we went to our friends birthday BBQ. We had a wonderful night and the kids were very well behaved. Afterwards one of my girlfriends, myself and Julia helped wash up all the dishes and utensils used for the meal.

There was a few things to wash up, many people turned up and it was great to see so many friends that we have not seen in a while. Julia wanted to spend time with mummy while Lillian spent time with daddy, this was nice as it gave the girls more one on one time with each parent.

Julia was helping with drying the plates and the forks and spoons. She did an amazing job of helping and was very upset when there was nothing left to clean. She was happy to wash and tidy. Wonder when this will end? I am embracing this joy to tidy and need to find more things for the twins to do that will help mummy and allow them to help and contribute.

What do your kids do around the house?

At one point Julia was nearly in tears due to no more plates to dry so our dear friend thought a couple might need to go back in for a wash. This put a smile on Julia’s face as she had more things to dry!

What things make your kids happy when helping around the house? Have you managed to give them jobs that they do really well? As my girls are four it is getting easier to give them more things to do, however they still need chairs and help sometimes.

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