Birthday Eve Thoughts

Wising myself a very happy birthday

Wising myself a very happy birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday and yes I will officially be another year older. Since today is birthday eve it has been a time of reflection. I am a bit sad about some things that I hoped to have done or completed and other things I am very happy with. So what are they?

Things I am pleased with:

  • The twins are very happy with school and doing very well.
  • Due to the kids being at school it gives me more time to get things done. Very nice indeed, and makes for a much calmer and happier mummy.
  • Happy that family are well and happy.

Things that I am not too pleased with:

  • I wanted to be fitter, slimmer and more slinky.
  • Have our house plans finalized.
  • Get the new looking blog launched.
  • Wanted to spend more time on the blog and develop more sections. It will happen, just taking longer than expected.
  • Work on my eBook.
  • Make more money… yes that is the constant want isn’t it.  I’m sure that is on everyone’s list!
    (be nice to help more to the household and maybe use the cash for a much needed holiday)

The things on my not pleased list can be fixed and I am working to improve them. I feel energized to create a to do list of things I wish to achieve and cross off each one when complete. I now feel more of a fire in my belly to get more done and to have a very productive rest of 2014.  Do you take stock mid year? I am due to my birthday, but maybe a half yearly stock take for your goals is a good idea? What are your thoughts? (You heard it here first!)

Do you weigh up things around your birthday? I do. I compare what I was hoping to achieve to what actually happened and get a bit upset. However life does happen so you have to excuse yourself a bit for stopping to enjoy things as well. You cannot work till you drop, some do it but it is not sustainable.

On the whole I have it very good and I hope it gets better and grander in the future. I can hope can’t I! Dreams fuel my passions, and they can only make things better. Well I think so!

I have a big box to unwrap tomorrow for my birthday and I am keen to find out what is in it! The twins went out with hubby yesterday and they have been very tight lipped so they have finally learnt and understood how to keep a secret.

One thing that they have said in unison is….

“We don’t know anything about what is inside the box!” “We have no idea mummy!” Then they giggle with faces in their hands and run away! Little funny kids they are.


My birthday presents. Waiting for me to open them! I cannot wait. Wonder what they are?

My birthday presents. Waiting for me to open them! I cannot wait. Wonder what they are?

I will let you know what is inside the big box tomorrow. However I have to unwrap it in the evening due to hubby working and kids at school. It is going to kill me to wait. Staring at it on the dining room table all day! Just painful and horrible torture!

Birthday time is also a reminder for me to get my checkup at the doctor, skin cancer specialist and any other tests, oh a pap test and so on! I like to make sure that I get it done when I remember it. I know not a very good thing to do at your birthday, but you remember the date. It does not have to be on your birthday just close to it. Book in for a check up. Make sure all is tip top with you!

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