Your Next Dance Party Songs


If you have ever wanted some new songs for your party, wonder no more. The below songs will make sure your party is a hit!

My five year old wanted to do listen to songs and dance.

Techno Chicken is another fun tune to get your dance on. I love the close-ups of the chicken, dancing and its head bopping along to the beat. This tune is a catchy one for your next dance party and I am sure if you had the video going it will put a smile on everyone’s face too.

He wanted to watch YouTube and told me that we should have a “Dance Party Mummy!” I then thought why not put YouTube on the TV and have a dance party as it was just my little boy and I and it would be a bit of fun.

These songs and dance moves are a bit silly but are a lot of fun and had my five-year-old in fits of giggles.

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is a weird and catchy song, even if you think it is horrible you will catch yourself singing it later. Trust me, I have and you will be singing it too!

Stop looking, here are the perfect songs for your next party

You might have seen many other people on YouTube having dance-offs against the green alien and seeing who did the moves better? I must say that my five-year-old really did every move the alien did and thought it a giggle-fest at the same time. Have you had a dance-off with this green alien? If so how did you go?

When hubby and the twins came home they found both of us rocking it out to the green alien and doing the dance moves like he was. Alexander really has these moves down pat and loves it.

Enjoy and I hope you all have a great family dance off!

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