I’m a Finalist in the Fresh Content Awards

I’m very excited to announce that I have been named a finalist in the Fresh Content Awards!


See the other bloggers who are finalists too. HUGE congratulations to everyone, your work is stunning (yes I have checked out everyone else’s creative creations, and it is AMAZING!)

And as you can imagine I am beyond excited and have done what feels like a hundred happy dances, have had a big grin on my face for days and just extremely excited that this has happened.

On the 21st of July I will be dressed in a cocktail outfit, having dinner and drinks and of course meeting the other finalists, plus seeing who wins the trophy on the night. I am keen to win and it would make all the past entries and time working on the posts worth it, however, I am happy to be shortlisted and recoginsed for my work. I thank the Sydney Markets and Fresh Content team for adding me as a finalist.

I have entered this competition nearly every year since it started in 2015, and was all set to enter last year but due to COVID, the competition was cancelled.

Luckily the dates were extended for entry for 2021. I thought about my topic carefully as I wanted to give it a really good go. One idea I had was to do a piece about the food that was made in the 60’s and 70’s and see how they stack up now? Would kids eat them as we did? Or is there a reason some things are never made ever again? This idea was shelved as I thought this would be a nice idea for a bigger series.

What are the Fresh Awards?

Sydney Markets Fresh Awards are a platform for encouraging and recognising best practice and innovations in fresh produce and flower growing and retailing.”

The Fresh Awards consists of six overarching categories:

The Fresh Content Award “aims to recognise the unique and flourishing nature of the online community and the contribution they make to promoting fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.”

In previous years I have created two posts, one for flowers and the other for produce. A previous post for the content awards was using autumn flowers and leaves for your next dinner party. The same year I entered the dinner party decorating post I also entered the following Slow Cooked Beef & Veggie Casserole.

Yummy Imperial Mandarins at Todarellos in Katoomba

I decided to look at what was in season and eliminated food that I would not like to eat (for the record there was only one item that I didn’t want to use) or that will cause issues with other family members.

I picked mandarins!

Mandarin is my favourite fruit and one that I cannot get enough of in Autumn. I always thought that mandarins were in season just for me, since my birthday is in May. A silly thought but I was a child when I had this thought.

I cooked a mandarin curd tart and spiced mandarin marinade, read about the recipes here.

Download Simple Mandarin Recipes

Wish me luck for July!

Now the search for the perfect outfit starts. What do you think makes the perfect cocktail ensemble? I just hope I have time to get hair, nails and makeup just right.

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