Yikes Summer School Starts Next Week!


I have just realised that summer school starts next week. It was meant to be ages away but it is now only next week. In my brain I thought December is a while away but in reality it starts this coming Saturday. It is so exciting that after this subject my degree is all done and I can then look forward to graduation, however I am now getting very nervous about the whole thing.

Firstly I have to make sure that I am all organised with the kids to go and stay at someone else’s place and of course make sure to pack all I need for school, me and the twins.  I suppose I have this time before next Wednesday occurs however there is always other things that come up.

To get to the university in time I need to drop kids at care and then try to get to the station to catch a train to the city. I will never have caught a train from this station before so will need to find out the times of trains for the days next week. Also not looking forward to getting kids up early to get to care but one of the advantages of this child care provider is that they take care of all food needs, so mummy does not need to worry. Although I am worrying and it has not happened yet, will my kids eat the food they are presented? I hope so.  If you don’t know already my girls are fussy eaters so they might not like anything but it could be good to be exposed to different and more choices. Also if they see other kids eat it they might eat it as well. I can only live in hope.

I just hope that my plan to get to and fro from the university works o.k and I am on time, also that the kids enjoy their time at the new centre and they are not too grumpy in the mornings. There is so many variables that need to work. Crossing fingers and toes they all align to let me have a stress free time.

My car also was unwell and not drivable for 2 days and now is fixed, although have not fully tested it so today is the day. I hope it is well as I need my car as I cannot get off to summer school and have the kids in care where they are booked in without the car. So send good thoughts for it to be fine, happy and well.

Do you find that if you want to go and do something that you have to plan and sort everything to the utmost detail so that you can have your time off? It would be nice to have someone else take care of these issues but it is not to be. Maybe it is the role of the mother to have to plan and organise everything. Send in your comments.

Now off to get dressed and ready to drop kids at school and then tidy the house and sort some things out.

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