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I never was very clever at doing my hair as a child or even in adult life, so now being asked by two little girls to do their hair is pressure I just don’t need! The girls call a plait a bumpy pony tail and they are very quick to point out that Nana, Grandma and of course Aunty Kay can do it but not you Mummy. Great, I need to get it together with my hair do skills and learn some new tricks.

I do understand what to do with a plait but unfortunately I am un co with actually getting it done. I find it hard to hold all the pieces of hair and also with a child that never keeps her head still is a nightmare! If anything my attempts look messy and it was never the way I intended it to be. On top of this the child or both of them get upset that I cannot do it and it ends in tears.

Today I did the next best thing. I twirled the hair around to make cute pigtails and the hair looks nice and curled. If I do say so I think both the girls look very cute. What do you think?

Pretty Hair Do

Pretty Hair Do

So I am reaching out to all of you, the Mummy to Twins readers and the lovely people that will come across this on the Internet to send in help and ideas for ways to do little girls hair. Remember I am not very good, so all tips and tricks need to be simple and easy to follow. I get a bit overwhelmed if they are too tricky especially with hair. I do think that the doing hair gene is not in my body as it was all given to my sister otherwise known as Aunty Kay.

Send your help to me and I will try and give your suggestions a go. Why not continue the discussion on our twitter or facebook pages.

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  • Coombemill - Fiona
    November 27, 2012

    That looks beyond anything I can do, I manage the odd French plait but only when I have time to spare, mostly it is boring plaits for school just to keep it tied up and the nits away!

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