Worried about my nana (the girls GG)


My nana and the girls gg (great grandmother) is in hospital and currently have a very lengthy operation for her heart, she is  a 2 valve transplants, a ring around another and 2 or 3 artery bypasses so I hope she is o.k. and fine afterwards. I am worried that she won’t survive the surgery. The doctor who is doing the operation said that there is a 90% chance of a good outcome so that is great odds and she either does something and it helps or does nothing and does not survive anyway.

I was going to call them but thought I would do it later that night. Did not realise that she went into hospital that the afternoon before. So this is the 3rd time she has been promised the operation and hopefully 3rd time lucky. All the other times, I rang nana and this time did not. I just hope that she is o.k. and I will talk to her afterwards. I am sure she will be o.k., but with all things you never know.

So good thoughts today and am hoping it will be good news and that I will speak to her soon. I am sure that will be the case and she is going to be alright, positive vibes and energy for nana/gg.

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