Wet and off to swimming lessons


Today it is cold, foggy and pouring with rain, and yes I have to go out with the girls. We are off to swimming lessons.  I was good today, managed to get there on time. It is hard to find a park near the centre, and manage to get yourself and 2 kids into the pool centre in one piece. Thanks to the show Peper Pig the girls are trying to run off to jump in muddy puddles. All not good when you are trying to hold hands of 2 kids, have rain pouring down and have a backback plus a bag for the towels. It was 6 degrees but felt like 3 degrees this morning when we left for the pool. If it were not for kids I would still be in bed, snuggled up with my doona and having a nice rest and much needed sleep. Oh well, we all managed to get inside without much fuss today, which was good. Not like previous weeks.

The girls are doing so well at swimming, no floaties just back boards. They are kicking and now Tanya their instructor is trying to teach them the arm movements for a free style stroke. Julia did more than Lillian but it is a start. Also Julia blows the bubbles and seems to be happier about putting her head in the water.

The girls at their swimming lessons

After the swim the girls and I were in the change room and from last week I noticed that they seem to want to go to the toliet after swimming. So asked if they needed help with the big toliet. Julia wanted to go and wanted some assistance to sit on it but managed to hang on herself. So that was great, was pleased with that. Then she did a wee wee, Yes, more progress. Asked if Lillian wanted to go on the toliet as well and she said, “No, did a wee wee in my nappy”,”O>k,, would you need to do anything else”, I said, “No mummy”answered Lillian. So shower, change of clothes and off to Kid Kingdom with a mate from swimming lessons. The girls looked so tired when we got home.

They had lunch, some milk and now afternoon nap time. Now it is my turn to do some work for at least an hour or so. My last university assignment for the semester. Need to get cracking it is due on the 19th of June, 2011.  Crossing fingers I do well. We will see.

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