Working Mom? How to Reduce Stress and Start Your Day off Right!

Relaxing before work

Up early and relaxing before work

What you do in the morning can set the tone for how successful the rest of your day is. This fact is emphasised by a number of axioms like ‘the early bird catches the worm’, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy wealthy and wise’. Phrases like these and others underscore the importance of having a good morning. By following just a few of these guidelines, you will be able to inspire your kids and loved ones as well as yourself, and start the day off right.

Creating a Successful Morning

A recent study by looked at what successful people do in the mornings to ensure that their days were productive and successful. The answers submitted included not wasting time by checking emails right away, avoiding procrastination by checking the worst things off the to-do list first, and taking advantage of commute time.

Workers can waste up to an hour or more when they check their email right away. By saving this task until later in the day, workers can be more focused and effective in the morning. Dreading a task takes more time than actually completing it, and to avoid this eventuality, many workers tackle their worst tasks first. Finally, when workers take the train or bus to work, they give themselves a few extra minutes of time to themselves. This time can be used for mediation, goal setting, or even phone calls. As a bonus, workers who commute may be eligible for lower insurance rates with Budget Direct comprehensive car insurance.

That Mommy Stuff— Don’t Rush It!

It can be extremely tempting to admit defeat to the pressures of daily requirements — and feel like a slave to family and work tasks. However, when you rush to “get things out of the way,” you zoom through important needs and cannot invest the proper time into your own needs and expectations of your loved ones. For example, as a mom, of course you can expect to get your kids neat and tidy for school, feed them, make your coffee, give advice on your husband’s tie and scramble to staple together those last minute reports you prepared the night before. Make time for these things — don’t wing them! Start the day extra early, so that you can put quality time and thought into each of your morning tasks, and accomplish them with focus and grace. It will put a smile on your face and will save you so much time in the long run.

Doing the Worst First and Creating Momentum

Workplace expert Michael Kerr, quoted in Forbes magazine, claims that people create good habits by integrating cues into their day. When done consistently, these cues can help set the scene for a positive day. He advises people who want to be successful to set themselves up for success before they go to bed each night. By making a list of their goals for the following day, workers will be able to clear their heads and sleep better. When they wake up in the morning, they can immediately get to work on their list. Ideally, they should tackle the hardest points first, and this will give them the momentum they need for the rest of their day.

When workers start their day by checking their email or doing other tasks that waste time, they set the scene for a day that will feel slow or sluggish. Instead, workers should arrive on time, take a deep breath, and devote five minutes to reflecting on their to-do list. By starting the day like this, Kerr explains, workers set themselves up for success.

Re-evaluating Your Morning Commute

One of four Sydney commuters, according to NRMA as referenced in a article, spend up to an hour and a half driving to and from work each day. When compiled, this driving time equates to twenty two days per year which is far greater than the time that most of these commuters spend on holiday each year. Sitting in gridlock can be disastrous when it comes to stress reduction, and if you are one of the thousands of Sydney residents who are in this situation, you should re-evaluate how you travel to work.

Trading in your car keys for a bus or train pass can do wonders for your mental health. The time on the train can be invaluable for relaxation or organisation. While sitting on a train, commuters give themselves the opportunity to relax in ways that they simply cannot while behind the wheel of a car. In addition to these benefits, a commute also reduces the total number of kilometres that you drive your car each day, and reducing your time driving can have a positive impact on car insurance rates when you contact an insurance provider like Budget Direct.

By integrating just a few of these ideas into your morning routine, you can make your day (and ultimately your life) more successful.

This is a guest post By Daniel Brown. Danny comes from a family of educators: Mom was an English teacher, and Dad sits on the school board in his hometown. While he finishes up his master’s in education, Danny writes for several education blogs.


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