Selena Gomez takes Social Media Break & Why You Should Too!


Why is it a good idea to take a technology break? Find out 5 reasons why taking a technology detox can help you feel better.

Selena Gomez‘s decision to take a break from social media for the sake of her mental health is a brave and wise choice. While social media has its benefits, such as staying connected with loved ones and discovering new ideas and information, it can also be a source of stress and negative emotions for teenagers, as it has the potential to amplify feelings of comparison, bullying, and isolation.

P!nk has recently shared that she has received hateful and horrible messages in the media over very old articles years ago. The focus should really be on her new album and all the hard work that went into it, however, the media are focused on rehashing things from when she was in her 20’s, just silly if you ask me. The issue here is that P!nk is honest in her interviews and tells it how it is – I find it interesting that if you have an honest opinion even if you say that you didn’t get on with someone and have since made up with that person that the news that these comments keep getting retold and beat up. Honestly, I think P!nk is amazing and love her raw honesty, passion and hard work. See the social media bashing is happening to us all!

I’m a lot older than Selena and I’m an avid user of social media. However, there are times that I look at some people’s images and accounts and get rather depressed. I am sad about how amazing their life looks; they look stunning in their designer outfits, they have an awesome home and have the perfect vacation overseas with their family. Oh how I would wish for that too. I like Selena have purposefully taken a break from being online, removing my phone from being close to me, not taking my phone with me when I am out or not looking at any of my accounts or sharing what I am up to for a while. What about you?

Teenagers and social media

Firstly, social media encourages teenagers to constantly compare themselves to others. This constant comparison can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and even depression. Teenagers are bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies, luxurious lifestyles, and seemingly flawless relationships, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and a distorted view of reality.

Secondly, social media can be a breeding ground for bullying. Anonymous accounts and online anonymity can make it easy for bullies to target their victims, causing serious emotional distress. Cyberbullying can have severe consequences, including depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

Lastly, social media can prevent teenagers from developing meaningful relationships in real-life situations. It’s essential for teenagers to have face-to-face interactions with their peers and to engage in activities that allow them to develop social skills, such as team sports, clubs, and volunteering. Social media can be a tempting substitute for real-life interactions, but it can never fully replace the importance of human connection.

My kids have had some issues with bullies online (It is so easy to be horrible to people when you are anonymous, right!). These bullies used fake accounts and created made-up things about the kids to share with their friend groups. All of this was disgusting and horrible and of course not true, however for teenagers or younger kids having this happen is a nightmare. I did try and tell my kids to just not look at the phone and ignore it. Or maybe just delete the app altogether. However, this response was met by the kids saying “my friends will think that we are ignoring them and more!” My response was that if these people are truly your friends ignoring them on the app is not the end of the world, then explaining in real life via a face-to-face will be what is needed.

When I grew up there were no mobile phones, no internet and no social media! The only way to connect was face to face and if you did have a disagreement you would just not play with this person for a while until you made up or it could be forever depending on the relationship or what had happened.

Social media has its benefits, it’s important for teenagers to be aware of the potential negative effects it can have on their mental health. Taking breaks from social media and engaging in real-life interactions can help teenagers develop meaningful relationships, improve their social skills, and prevent feelings of comparison, bullying, and isolation.

Being online constantly can have both positive and negative effects on mental health. On the one hand, it can provide social connection and support, especially for individuals who may feel isolated or marginalized. It can also serve as a platform for self-expression and creativity.

On the other hand, social media can also lead to negative consequences. Excessive social media use can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, especially if individuals compare themselves unfavourably to others on social media. The pressure to maintain a curated online presence can also be stressful and overwhelming, negatively impacting mental health, and not a real way of living and being. It would take a toll on anyone to have to keep up with the illusion of fantasy at all times.

Taking a break from social media, as Selena Gomez did, can be a helpful way to prioritize mental health and focus on oneself. It can provide an opportunity for individuals to disconnect from the constant barrage of information and comparison on social media, and instead focus on personal growth and well-being. I for one have felt that there has been a lot of bad news, so stepping away from the news sites, social media and tv reports for me has been helpful too.

Being online all the time is not good for you. A break is a good thing to have.

Taking a technology detox, or a break from technology, can offer several benefits:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety: Technology can be overwhelming and create feelings of stress and anxiety. Taking a break from technology can help you relax and unwind.

  2. Improved sleep: Exposure to the blue light emitted by electronic devices can interfere with your sleep cycle. Taking a break from technology can help improve your sleep quality and quantity.

  3. Increased productivity: Technology can be a major distraction, and taking a break can help you focus on important tasks and be more productive.

  4. Improved mental health: Constant use of technology can lead to feelings of depression and isolation. Taking a break can help you connect with people in real life and improve your overall mental health.

  5. More time for other activities: Technology can be time-consuming, and taking a break can free up time for other activities, such as exercise, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones.

Overall, a technology detox can help you recharge, refocus, and reconnect with yourself and others.

Have you taken a technology detox? Was it just on your social media? How did you feel after your break?

Yep and I understand the irony of me writing this for my online blog…even if you just take a break from your phone for the weekend, or just during the evenings, it will help you feel better.

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