Winter is Upon Us and so is Illness


One kid hasn’t been well, the other kid is now telling me she isn’t feeling the best and the youngest is constantly having accidents and hurting himself.

It seems like a horrible joke that everyone wants to be ill at the same time!

Why does everyone get sick in winter and nearly at the same time???

Why does everyone get sick in winter and nearly at the same time???

Winter this year was a rude shock. It actually started a week early and was so cold, freezing to be precise. Icy winds, some snow fell but never settled and the heater has been going nonstop. Oh and not to mention the winter woollies are making an appearance – Multiple layers, beanie and scarf.

The kid that wasn’t well had to be taken to the doctor due to a horrible temperature and fever that was getting worse. Initially, I thought that she was over the worst of it but it wasn’t getting better, the doctor then told us that she had an ear infection and needed antibiotics.

This kid that hasn’t been well and not eating a lot and has dropped a few kgs. She is also fighting me on drinking Hydralyte, the reason I want her to drink this is due to the fact her joints are sore and she is finding it hard to walk.   Electrolytes in the Hydralyte help your muscles and therefore will help her feel better when walking, also eating more will help too.

She is eating toast and drinking water, so I hope her food intake will pick up soon. She has no temperatures and seems so much better than a few days ago.

Her attitude is there and she is telling jokes so I know she is on the mend.

Have you noticed that your kids are getting sick now that the cold weather is upon us?

I was going to get us all the flu shot but need to wait until everyone is well to do so.

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