Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – The Musical


I want to give the twins more experiences, and live theatre is one experience that I am keen sharing with the kids more.

Last Christmas I got the girls and I tickets to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – The Musical

The actual date we attended was in March and I was happy that the kids were still excited, even though I gave it to them in December of the previous year.

To make the whole event more fun we made a weekend of it in the city. I booked a hotel right next to the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, it was so close that we just had to walk next door to fall into our beds after the show.

The day of the show the kids and I trained it in and managed to check in earlier than expected. This allowed us to leave our bags in the room and to then explore Sydney for the day.

Our show was at 7.30pm at night so I had a whole day to fill with the twins.  So what did we get up to?

  • We looked at shops in the QVB
  • We walked around Paddies Markets

  • Had Yum Cha in Chinatown
  • We all got manicures
  • Went to Myer and David Jones to check out what is there
  • Looked at the toys at Myer
  • Walked back to the hotel to rest and then change for the show

What did we think of the show?

The girls were super excited and so was I. We all had never been to the Capitol Theatre before, I must say that the detail of the theatre is amazing. So much detail, statues and more! A very old world theatre experience.

We were super early for the show and decided to get drinks and pre-dinner snacks. Once we dined on our treats and ate some food it was finally ready to enter the theatre.  I had organised seats that were so close to the stage…the kids were amazed at how close we were.

We sat down and looked at the fabulous theatre while waiting for the show to start.

We were only 3 rows away from the stage.... how fantastic!

We were only 3 rows away from the stage…. how fantastic!

The backdrop of the set was the Willy Wonka Factory, and left of the stage was the Bucket house and the right of the stage was the candy shop that Charlie Bucket frequented drooling over chocolate bars that he couldn’t afford.

The way they moved between the Bucket house and the candy shop was very clever. Once Charlie was in the candy shop, the shop owner was enticing him to buy…but Charlie couldn’t. Also, Charlie had no idea that the Candy Man was indeed Willy Wonka himself.

Willy Wonka was very boom tish and so were some of the other characters, some lines were hilariously funny.

Two very excited kids waiting to see the show! I must say I was excited too!

Two very excited kids waiting to see the show! I must say I was excited too!

Once they moved to Willy Wonka’s factory the background changed digitally to create the vibrantly colourful world of the Wonka Factory. Seeing Roald Dahl’s story come to life on stage was so magical.

The cast did an awesome job and they had such personality and presence.

Violet and Mr Beauregard had such great interaction between each other, every time they smiled and winked I couldn’t help but laugh. Also when Violet Beauregard became a huge purple grape and then finally popped it was so well done.



Augustus and Mrs Gloop were amazing as well, so funny and naughty. You actually forgot that these people were actors and not the actual characters from the film.


Jake Fehily – Augustus Gloop- Octavia-Barron-Martin-Mrs-Gloop-and cast in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

The glass elevator was magical too…yes more magic. It looked like it was actually moving. The background was stunning and created such a great effect.


The Glass Elevator: Ryan Yeates as Charlie and Paul Slade Smith as Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, photo from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory website.

The Glass Elevator: Ryan Yeates as Charlie and Paul Slade Smith as Willy Wonka in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, photo from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory website.


The whole show looked stunning and was so enjoyable for kids and adults.

We loved the show and if you want to go, please do, you will LOVE IT!

The Sydney Show is on until July 21st – buy tickets for Sydney

Melbourne tickets are from August 2019

Brisbane tickets are from March 2020

The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Musical Website has fantastic education resources 

There are so many fun activities that will help kids learn and know more about Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. There is English activities, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Media Arts, and Music. Not only can teachers freely download the packs to help with their class but parents can do so too. I downloaded mine to help my kids before we saw the show.

You can also re-read the book again or get it as an audio book to help inspire the work or refamiliarise yourself with the story again. Below is a quote from the Education Pack Writers, Elia Erez and David Perry about the worksheets and activities.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory offers an excellent opportunity to explore the Australian Curriculum, with specific references to English, and The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music
and Visual Arts) as well as all seven of the General Capabilities (Literacy, Numeracy, Intercultural Understanding, Information & Communication Technology, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social Capability AND Ethical Understanding). These relationships to the production are examined in the document CONNECTIONS TO THE AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM. We trust that the activities and resources in this Education Pack will provide teachers with the ability to fully appreciate the educational opportunities of this
spectacular musical production. Using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a focus, this Education Pack contains engaging activities that can be used by teachers, or even keen fans of Roald Dahl who want to gain a richer understanding of the production.” Eli Erez and David Perry Education Pack Writers, for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory the Musical.

Where did we stay?

The kids and I stayed at Capitol Square Hotel Sydney, which was basically next door to the Capitol Theatre.

I booked the family room which had 1 queen sized bed and a single bed. Just perfect for 2 kids and 1 adult.

The hotel was not flash but was just what we needed. Beds and close by to the theatre.

Our family room at the Capital Square Hotel

Our family room at the Capitol Square Hotel

See how close we were to the Capitol Theatre

Have you seen Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? If so what were your thoughts?

I’m aiming to have more theatre experiences this year rather than buying things.

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