We Know Mummy!


Today hubby and I took the girls to The Royal Bathurst Show, the sun was shining, it was warm and we were off for our family adventure. We arrived a bit after lunch and had not eaten so we got some food shortly after arrival, however the chips on a stick was not as filling as we had hoped, while looking around for food we saw the show.

The girls did not want to go on any rides and any suggestions were met with shaking of heads and running and hugging us to death! “Don’t leave us mummy and daddy!” was what it was really saying, so no rides for them or us.  We saw pigs, sheep, ducks, ducklings, birds, bees, cows, cats, dogs, and more at the show.

After finally finding a place to eat we ordered some nice German sausage rolls and had a tasty meal. Kids ate a bit and then afterwards we got them an ice cream and I had one as well, which I should not have but it was a day out. (I am still on a quest to lose more weight, so having pictures taken of me looking a bit fat and also admitting to eating an ice-cream is not good, plus other treats today – tomorrow is another day and I will make sure to not have many during the week)

We then decided to make our way to the car to drive home and on the return journey the fun began. Kids were a little off the charts and were just hilarious. Did you know that there is a pooh store, and you can purchase pooh’s for $6 each. There is also a smelly store down the road to this store called the wee wee shop. During this stage of silliness it was revealed that they had fire training at school. I mentioned that this was good as then in case of other emergencies they can ring 000 to ring for Fire, Ambulance or Police.

This was met with “We know mummy! And we know everything!” I stopped explaining and then got the lecture from the four year olds. Geez I am glad they know it all and are on top of things. Have you heard some classics from your kids? If so what were they? Send in your comments.

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