Pre-emptive Strike

The girls as doctors

The girls as doctors

Yesterday I went to the doctors for a check-up to make sure that all is working and running accordingly. I went as I want to make sure I stay fit and healthy and of course if there is something found, it might be caught early god forbid. I am sure all will be fine, but since two close friends have become ill around the same age, and I am about to turn this age, I thought why not just get a check up and make sure all is well.

My doctor I made the appointment with did not show up and after waiting 30mins for her to arrive I was transferred to another doctor. I told this doctor why I had turned up and what I wanted – A physical and overall health check. He then went on to tell me that I was stressed and possibly depressed and all the tests that I am asking to have done might come back with nothing.

I told him that I thought that would be the case but wanted to just get a full work up to make sure I am in tip top health. His response was what I would do if there was nothing found, what test would I do then? I explained if all came back fine, I would be happy and content, and not get any further tests.

I am not wanting to find an issue or a problem, I would just like to make sure that I deal with one before it becomes a bigger problem. If god forbid I do get something, I would like it to be caught early and to have options to deal with whatever it is.  It struck me that the doctor was so against getting tested for things and being pre-emptive rather than dealing with something that would cost society and the healthcare system later.  I was under the belief that doctors are trying to make people get annual health checks to prevent disease and to make sure our society is living a healthier more productive life – this doctor was not what I imagined.

People are living longer and also having kids later in life, you need to be healthy to be with family and friends. Why not promote the idea of getting an annual health check and make them all free. It helps everyone.

So today I had about 8 test tubes of blood taken as I had to be fasting to have the tests done and yesterday I had eaten before going to the doctors. I am sure all will be well and feel good that I have gone for a check-up.

Have you had a doctor who did not want to run tests for an annual health check? What did you do? I just explained that I worry and would like the peace of mind knowing all is well. He decided that was good enough for him. My usual doctor would have had no issue with my reason for my health check.

Good tip: My good friend who is a nurse suggested getting an annual checkup around your birthday. This way you remember and it is not something you will forget. It does not have to be on your birthday just around it, you don’t want to have needles and tests on your day of celebration if you can help it, I certainly don’t.

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