After Lockdown I Need A Holiday Alone


We are about to enter our eighth week of lockdown. Yes, it will be nearly two months until we have been allowed to go anywhere other than our local LGA (council area).

Not only are we going stir crazy and getting frustrated, but it also looks like there is a huge possibility that the lockdown that was set to end at the end of August will be extended for another eleven weeks! However, this is not confirmed but has been a rumour, especially on Twitter.

So if it is true we have another few months of lockdown. It will end around the end of October or possibly be extended for Christmas and New Year, who knows at this stage.

A holiday at a hotel just for me!

It has been rather sad as the kids have missed out on their holidays as the lockdown started during the winter school holidays and it looks like the twins will celebrate their thirteenth birthday at home if we are still in lockdown in September.

I am sure I am not the only one that has missed alone time. With everyone at home there is nowhere to be and when you do finally stop working there is always something crazy going on with the kids that means that you are never truly relaxed.

I am living in a house that is constantly noisy, crazy with activity and with kids that don’t listen.

Not only is there no break but the kids have taken over my personal laptop for their school work, so that means that when I finally get some time for me, I cannot access my own computer due to the kids using it.

One thing that would make things much easier, is if all the kids could go back to school. It is a real struggle to get my five-year-old to do any school work and the constant arguments and negotiations are so draining.

After lockdown ends I know that many will be desperate to travel and I for one am one of those people, however, I have been thinking that after a huge lockdown trapped with family members that are making you frustrated, annoyed and making you feel like retreating.

I believe that holiday retreats for parents without kids or just the mum having some time out is what is going to happen. Bring it on I say!

I am drooling over the idea of going to a hotel all by myself. I don’t need to partake in all the services offered, however would be happy if the hotel of choice has a day spa. Mainly I would just enjoy the room on my own, sleeping in, watching my own tv and doing my own thing for a change. Oh and finally being able to not be responsible for the food and bedding would be awesome too!

Have you been thinking about the holiday you would take if you were not in lockdown? Currently, I don’t have to travel that far to get a nice hotel but as it is a huge cost staying at home is the cheaper option.

I am still getting emailed newsletters about holidays I can go on throughout Australia and also overseas, although with us not being able to travel at the moment, booking a holiday is not a good idea. I do spend a lot of time staring at the photos on the travel emails and wishing that I could go somewhere with the family or on my own. However, at this stage, it is not to be.

Wishing I was in the Maldives

Are you in the same boat? Wishing you could travel somewhere amazing? Are you also getting heaps of emails about booking your next holiday?

I know it sounds crazy that I wish to be alone after lockdown but with all the constant crazy energy I am seeking some calm time out. I am also wishing it would be nice to visit family and friends but mainly I am dreaming of a hotel room for just me.

Let me know if you are feeling the same.

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