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Today was a day of cleaning, and washing more clothes, until it turned overcast and rained. The girls wanted to visit their friends at childcare. They are not going to childcare this year as next week they start pre-school. Yes I said next week. It is that close. I am getting excited and a bit nervous. I know, the girls are going to school not me, but you would have thought that I was going.  Since they have been asking to visit their mates, I thought why not. We all got ready to leave the house, showered and dressed in all nice outfits.

I put Julia in her dress and she said, “Mummy, I love this dress, I want to keep it on for 100 years.” I said that is nice, I am glad you like it. I did have a chuckle about it. I had this vision of Julia still wearing the same dress in 100 years.  I don’t think that would be a good look.

Julia and Lillian were very happy to see their friends, Zoe, Piper, Zoe and Jed and others. They fit right in again, playing and getting hugged, kissed and kids queing to play with the girls. Glad they have friends. It made me a bit sad that we have taken the girls away from their mates at care, however it was going to happen eventually when they went to school.  They played in the sandpit, on the slippery dip and much more. Ran round like happy little things.  It was just an issue when I had to tell them we should be going, I wanted to go and get some groceries. It took a while but I eventually got the girls out the door and to the shops.

We ended up at Woolworth’s at Leura. Julia wanted to help me push the trolley and Lilian hung off the end of the trolley. Both girls helped me get items and looked out for things we might need. However what they thought we needed and what we really needed was not the same thing. I ended up telling them to put a lot of things back that I ended up feeling very exhausted. They were very happy helping and were proud to tell anyone there that they were my helper.

At the checkout the girls were climbing the trolley to lift out items to put on the checkout. Everyone thought they were doing a very good job at helping. All items were at the register and just waiting to pay. I put the card in to pay and Julia asked to take it out when ready. This is cute, however you need to really let her know when she can take it out as she gets very keen.

Glad that the girls were tired as after dinner, Daddy came home and then off to bed. They must be tired as have not heard a peep out of them since. Both girls are still wanting to share a bed and don’t like to be seperated. This is good and bad, as for activities when one child does not want to play the game anymore, the other child has a melt down and gets angry and tries to make the other play with them. They don’t get that they can do the game/draw/paint themselves without the other. Lillian in the evening moves house, well that is what I am calling it. She takes her pillow and teddies from her bed and puts it on the end of Julia’s bed. They end up sleeping head to toe. They seem happy, however it has a downside, sometimes the girls push the other child out of the bed, and then there is screams “too squishy”, “Don’t, and No”. So from our perspective they need to sleep in their own bed for the space and a better sleep.

Sharing the bed might be a twin thing as they are so close. They do seem to not be able to do anything on their own. I am hoping that school will help with that. I suppose we will see. Do you have kids that do the same thing? Are they twins or just close in age?

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