Very busy day


Today James is working from home. Now my job is to take the girls out of the house so that he can concentrate on his work, paperwork needs quiet. The girls and I were meant to go to Wentworth Falls Lake Park with all the people from playgroup, however as it is raining and has not stopped that was called off. The girls convinced me that we should go to the pool, Springwood pool to be precise.

I have been to Springwood pool before but forgot how to get there. Thought the GPS on the phone would help, although it kept on telling me to go back and around roundabouts that don’t exist. Crazy, stupid GPS. That really needs to either be updated or fixed. After what felt like ages, we got to the pool. Kids were very happy with this outcome. Now off to do some swimming, but before we could go swimming I had to change the swimming nappies as they both wet themselves in their other nappy and had to change it all. Once all done, we all jumped in the pool.

The girls are such good little swimmers, they are just wearing the backboards and paddling away. Julia kept on jumping in the pool, and putting her head under the water. At one stage she ordered me to put my head under so that she could look at me under the water. This fascinated her so much, she wanted me to do it again and again.

At this pool, they have a car in the pool that kids can jump and play on. The girls were sliding down it but in hindsight maybe not a good idea as that evening noticed that they both cut themselves between their legs in the same spot. They told us it was the car at the pool that hurt them. Next time they want to do this, will tell them no.

We got into trouble for the girls jumping off the deep end and for the life of me cannot understand why it was so bad, we did what we were asked to do and stopped it, this ended up with the girls having a big upset with heaps of tears and crying. They could not understand why it was so bad.

Ended up finally getting the kids to the change room and managed to get us all showered, changed and in the car to go home and have some lunch. This was a race to get home due to a doctor’s appointment I had at Blackheath, I finally made it home with kids who had fallen asleep. I fed them lunch, ate something myself and left the girls to be put to bed by their Daddy.

After the end of today, I was tired, not well, had  a bad headache due to kids screaming in the change room at full volume and just a long day. Was very keen to have an early night.

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