Try It, You Might Like It!


Saturday the girls told us they wanted to go rock climbing and we decided to do it on Sunday. The local rock climbing place is now closed so we had to travel to Penrith, down the mountain. Both girls were excited and the rock climbing was something both kids wanted to do and kept pestering us about it. So of course we thought lets give it a go.

We drove 45mins down the mountain and had lunch first around the corner from the centre, then off to the rock climbing place. We arrive and the girls decide they don’t want to do it. I should have known this would be the case. I have tried three times now to get them to do tumbling like they asked and there were hysterics, screams and yelling. I tried to take them to soccer for toddlers as they said they wanted to do it, and the same hysterics happened.

I had to rearrange the girls swimming lesson for Saturday morning instead of Friday morning due to a specialist appointment for one of the girls and they put on quite a show, needless to say daddy was not impressed. The girls screamed, cried and yelled and just carried on and were damn right rude. Daddy had to leave as they were mucking up so badly. I was looking forward to hearing the stories about how well the girls swam and how impressed daddy was as he is normally at work when the twins have their lessons. This tantrum was due to not having the same instructor. I did explain that the girls would have a different one and they knew this, so not sure why it was such a problem.

I just don’t understand why they ask to do something and then refuse to join in and at least give it a go. We were there to help them and there would have been an instructor to help. At the rock climbing centre there are safety harnesses and all padded floor and mats, so no fear that you would hurt yourself.   It is not just the rock climbing but also the tumbling and soccer that has annoyed me. You spend the time, organise to go try out something and your kids create such a commotion you have to leave.

Maybe they are not ready for any group sport? Would starting Kindy at big school next year help this issue? Do your kids create issues when you take them to try out an activity or sport? I don’t want to spend money on something they will not do or are not interested in, hence getting the twins to try things out.

Do you have ways that might encourage the girls to at least try it. I am sure if they gave things a go they would enjoy it.  I am also not the type of parent that is pushing them to do something in particular. If they take a shine to something and are good at it, we will try and give it a go. Just frustrates me like hell that they don’t even try it. Like Gabba Gabba say, “Try it, You might like it!”

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