Aches and Pains


Lately I have been in pain and not happy about it. I did go to the chiropractor but to no avail. Oh my I wish it would all go away. I am now hobbling around and very frustrated and annoyed.

I had plans to do things and all I want to do is rest and sleep. I am about to go and do some stretching as it might help, along with pain killers and later a hot bath with Epsom salts. Maybe this might help. However the aches and pains don’t help me tidy, clean or sort and of course do things that I want to do, like sewing or reading.

What do you think is the best way to fix a pain that starts around the rib and down the left arm mainly from a sore neck! It is now affecting my left leg and I do think it is just a nerve that is pinched or jammed. Would a good massage help? Would a nice bath help? I am at a loss to understand how to fix it all.

I have been told to do more core strengthening exercises and that has been my plan, however doing them while sore is not the best either.

Any advice would be greatly received. If you have a magic cure or at least tip that would help send it my way.

Thanks everyone! Off to do some much needed stretches and will catch up with the Block All Stars while I exercise.

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