Time For Me


Why is it when you suddenly have time for you, the slot fills with something else to do and you never get to do what you wanted to do? I am aiming to get some sewing done but first need to think about what I would like to create first. The dilemma is that I have many things in my head currently, will it be pants, a dress, or a skirt? Not sure. I want to learn to do something different, but this takes some time to sit and analyse how to do something new.

I have set up the dining room table and will get creating today and tonight as I am keen to do something. As I have finished my exam and waiting for summer school to start I have more free time. I just hope that I can achieve what is in my head, only time will tell. You know what it is like, you have grand plans that are in your brain but sometimes they don’t come out the way you envisioned. We will see.

Are you finding that as soon as you have a free bit of time you suddenly get busy? Does this impact your things that you have been hanging to do? It happens like that for me. Send in your comments.


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