The stress of motherhood


Lately everything is a drama, kids, house and you name it, and it is an issue. I must admit it has been school holidays and I have had sick kids, first Lillian was ill and then it was Julia’s turn. I am just grateful that they have been ill in the holidays. This way I can maximise my time while they are at school and they also don’t miss school (both girls really love going).

Lately the fact of no breaks or any time out has added to my stress, frustration and annoyance. Have no fear; I have had wonderful times with my little princesses. We have cuddled, hugged, danced, watched films, gone on walks, to the park, gone visiting, and just had some fun times, but it has been a trying two weeks.

Is it just me that feels this way? Or am I feeling like a bad mother who just needs a holiday alone, well I can only dream. That said, I don’t think I would like to holiday alone, but some alone time would be lovely.

Do you feel like sometimes all the stresses of the world are upon you? Do you just want to run for the hills? I would never do it, but I have had some great daydreams. What do you do to de-stress? I have had great plans to have a relaxing spa bath with some Epson salts, this has never occurred as kids are up and down to the bathroom and I don’t want to share my bath. Selfish I know but having kids and toys in the bath is not relaxing, it is fun but I want to have some me time. Then the later it gets the colder it gets, so no bath as yet.

I have been trying to have some relaxation time and have attempted to get up early for exercise and me time. Although the getting up early was thwarted due to sick kids, and mummy being exhausted dealing with this.

So will try again for exercise and me time tomorrow morning, and will go to the pool for aqua aerobics. I am making use of daddy being home. Do you have times where things are very stressful or just frustrating beyond belief? How do cope or relax? Send in your comments.

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