Smart little girls


Lillian and Julia are very smart little girls. They bug you to go to the park. However as we have had heaps and heaps of rain, going out and to the park has not been on the cards. Explained this to Julia and Lillian and the response is, take an umbrella as that will allow us to go to the park and have fun in the rain. I then explain that this will not work, as I will have to hold the umbrella and it will not cover me, and them and basically with just me and them and an umbrella it will not work.

Again I was asked at about 6.45pm this evening by Lillian to go to the park. I explained that it was dark, late, and cold and going to the park was not a good idea. She responded saying that she should dress in her jacket, hat, scarf, shoes and socks and we could then go. I laughed at the thought process of solving this issue of the cold and not being allowed out but said no yet again. She was not happy.

I am just amazed at the thinking and intelligence that goes into solving problems. Very clever if I say so and I am not biased, 🙂

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