Coloured toes please mummy

Julia wanted nail polish on her toes. This is the first time she had them painted.

Julia's purple toes - Very pretty indeed.

Julia really wanted to have her toe nails painted with nail polish. I decided that she was old enough and it does come off, so where is the harm in it. The only thing that I thought might cause and issue is waiting for it to dry. This seemed to not be a problem. She fully accepted that she had to wait. We made a game of it. Julia wriggled her legs in the air to dry them and sat contently with me until they were dry.

Lillian wanted hers done as well. I then attempted to put nail polish on her toes when she said “I want pink”. The colour that I was using was purple and not pink. This seemed odd as Lillian keeps telling me and others that her favourite colour is purple.  I knew I had heaps of nail polish but when I searched for it, could not find it at all. Tomorrow when I am at the shops will go and get some pink nail polish.

The girls have been quite fascinated by my painted nails on my hands and also my toes. My colour of choice is normally a hot red colour. With fair skin it looks quite nice. Also it makes me feel glamourous, even for a short while.

Today we have had adventures in the backyard with some interesting gardening techniques from the girls. Removing dirt and putting it elsewhere is considered gardening. All useful tips I hear you say. Also tonight when they were not going to bed, Daddy went into their room to see why this was so. It was revealed that they could not go to sleep as there is a dragon in their room. All three of them must be asleep, Julia, Lillian and the dragon as there is no noise now.

Well they are all off to day care tomorrow, not sure what the dragon is doing tomorrow. Maybe he/she only turns up for bed time. I will make sure to get the pink nail polish to paint Lilly’s toes and then I will have happy little girls with panted toes.

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