Slow Start Monday


Happy Monday to you all. Yes another week is upon us. I am still fighting a cold and feel very tired. It does not help that it is a perfect day for staying in bed. If I had no kids or no reason to leave the house I might have just stayed in bed and still be there. However I had to get kids off to school, pick up a parcel from the post office and more.

Super tired this Monday. Image found on Pinterest.

Super tired this Monday. Image found on Pinterest.

Due to being under the weather there is a lot of housework to do…now I must go and sort some laundry or people might not be happy as they will not have undies and socks and that will of course not make other family members have a smile or like me much at all.

I have had my coffee late and have caught up on who won the room reveal for the block last night. Now I can look at the news. I hate finding out who won and I have not yet watched the show.

Clothes sorting is about to happen….. what job are you dreading or not wanting to do today?  Are there several. I do have a few but the clothes one is the major one at the moment.

Have a great Monday and hope you get some things done or have a rest if that is what is on the agenda.


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