Sick Times Four


It has been a sick time in our household. The hubby came home last Thursday ill, and then Lillian started throwing up on Friday night and all Saturday. I was thankful that Julia and I were spared, however that was not to last.

Early Wednesday morning I woke feeling rather ill and not right, at first I thought it was that I was very hungry, No I had to throw up. “Oh great, it is now my turn!” what to do, I have to get the kids to school and pick them up. Thank god my mum is in town for a while. Got hubby to ring her and she was able to come and look after kids to allow me to rest in bed, what luxury, actually felt like a true sick day, very rare for a mummy to get one. I was also disappointed to be sick as I was looking forward to lunch with relatives and it would have been a nice day out, you cannot plan getting sick and after everyone else being ill I suppose it was my turn.

Then Wednesday evening occurred, it was Julia’s turn. She threw up over me and we both ended up having an evening shower to make us both feel better. I was doing a bit better but not 100% so having a sick little kid was not helpful. Oh well, probably her turn as well.  Julia seems much better now, has kept food down and much better in herself.

I still don’t have much of an appetite, but have kept my food down and still have some body aches and pains, but grateful that the worst of it is over. How have you fared with sickness this winter? Have you been lucky to remain unscathed?

It is good to know that the changing of bed linen every couple of hours will stop and the cleaning will come to an end, well some of it. I still want to do a spray and scrub of some areas to make sure we are all not touching and communing with the same germs.

I thought we were doing so well, until it struck us on mass. I thought at one point to put a mark on the letterbox warning others to not come near the house – a safety message to all. Being ill meant that I could not make it to the computer and that meant days without an update, so sorry readers about that. Do you have tips to help keep your family healthy during the winter? Send them in.

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