She Shed Needed


I like watching the Lifestyle Channel and seeing all the DIY and Home repair shows. I love seeing what they do with run down houses and how they fix them up.  It is great inspiration for our new house and fixing up our current one. The home shows also have another effect, the kids find them boring so they leave me alone to watch them. It ends up being more me time, although sometimes minding the baby at the same time.

One show called, “House Hunters” shows couples in the process of buying a new house. The show gives each couple about four houses to choose from and then they pick the one that is best for them. During the house hunt the man regardless of whether they are old or young or even the husband or the boyfriend really needs and demands a man cave.

Why is a “man cave” so important on the house hunt? I have not heard women ask for their “She-Shed” as well. Yes, it is a thing too! A “She-Shed” can also be called a woman cave.

She-Shed inspiration from Home Depot. Picture from

She-Shed inspiration from Home Depot. Picture from

Maybe it should be a requirement for all houses; A man shed and a she-shed must be in all houses. Would council mandate it to ensure this happens? It would be nice wouldn’t it.

Why is it that the man needs a space to get away from everyone? I would like that too? Why can’t the mother or woman in the house have her own cave to do what she wants to do, have things not touched by kids or maybe sip her wine and watch her favourite shows or she could read a book without being interrupted.

With all the shows that I have watched it is rare that the woman in the relationship questions the man cave or demand to have a room for them, and only them. It could be a craft room, office, or if you have the space a basement area.

I just think that it is rather sexist to think that the man is the only one that needs some time out.

The main argument that I have found for why men need and want a “man cave” is that the woman in their life decorates the house. This in turn creates the need for the man to have his own area for his own decorations, furniture and allow him to have some time for him.

Having a space to recharge your batteries would be lovely. I would be able to have quiet time, not be pestered, not hear, “Mummy, mummy, mama!” all the time, do something for me, finally be able to concentrate on something I want to do without be constantly in the middle of five different things. (dinner, craft, reading a book, getting snacks, and more!)

Everyone needs to have their own space, and downtime.

If you are like me you go crazy with the kids all the time and no time for you.  Allowing everyone to have some me time is ultra-important for everyone’s happiness.

Women have created “She-Sheds” as their version of the “Man Shed”. Some women have decided to take their sheds to the garden and some are just stunning.  The “She-Sheds” can be whatever you wish them to be, reading room, office, craft or maybe a yoga studio. It is up to you, it is your space.


Do you have a cave to retreat to? Do you have one for hubby and you as well? Let us know.

3 Responses
  • The Thrifty Issue
    January 14, 2017

    I love this idea! Every woman needs time to be alone and get in touch with her thoughts. She deserves a She Shed!

    • Suzanne Robinson
      January 15, 2017

      Oh so true. I wish I had a she shed now! Even if I had one I would still have little people wanting to come and see what I was up to. Keen to do some work when the kids are back at school and the little one is at care. Thanks for your comment.

  • Antoinette
    February 4, 2017

    Omg, I have 3 little boys, so I NEED one of these!! They are adorable!! 😍

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