Sewing or Study?


Today is the last day of term 3 for pre-school so my last day to myself before 2 weeks of school holidays. So the dilemma today is what to do? I do have many things to fill my time with but what would be the best use of my last day to myself? I really just want to do some sewing although I do desperately need to do some university study and start my assignment. Maybe I could do a bit of both?

I know many women love the school holidays, I for one am not over the moon that I lose my 3 days to myself each week. The girls are into everything and it is hard to keep the energy up all the time to keep the little girls entertained. Let’s just hope that the weather is good for the holidays so that we can go to the park, have some outdoor time and maybe have some play dates with their mates at school.

I think the plan for today is trying to fit in a bit of both, I have been getting more and more frustrated that I have not got back to my sewing and finished off the pants for the girls and started on other projects. Do you feel frustrated when you don’t get to do your own thing? Is it a pet project that you have been wanting to finish or just start?

The university study is also important as contracts law is something that you cannot instantly know so a bit of reading or thinking on some questions might be useful.  I think I will have a look at the assignment today and do a bit of sewing also. This way it will make me feel like I have done something more for me. I am still feeling sick from the flu/a bad cold so not the best. Mostly would like to curl up and go back to bed. However if I do that, I lose the day and will just get annoyed that I have not done anything with it. So I will pop a cold and flu pill and solider on.

Is it just me that has these dilemma’s on what to do with your day? Do you spilt things up so that you feel like you have done a bit of all things you wanted to do? Or is that annoying as you never seem to finish anything? Send in your comments.

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