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Funny Jokes - Image by

Funny Jokes – Image by

The twins have a very good sense of humour, and I must say they are clever witted as well.  Lately it is all about the pooh and wee jokes, and they all seem to have the same punch line.

“Q. Why did the pooh cross the road?  A. To get the other side”

“Q. Why did the tree cross the road? A. To get to the other side”

You get the idea. Ever since they heard the first version of these jokes, it has been non stop. They break out with a riot of giggles and so bad that they have to blow their noses afterwards. It is funny to watch and it does make you laugh also, although it would be funnier if the jokes had different punch lines. It is the joy that the girls get from telling the jokes is just wonderful to observe.

Do you your kids tell jokes? Mine have been funny for a while and they know they are able to make you laugh. It is not just jokes, silly faces, noises and the like are big things that the girls employ to get laughs or to just have a silly time with friends or each other.

Dr Paul McGhee is quoted in Body and Soul article “Why humor is good for kids” and this is what he says, “Humour builds vocabulary and both pre-reading and reading skills, helps solidify the child’s knowledge of the world, supports creative thinking, builds social interaction skills and boosts popularity and self-esteem.” I would say from the way the girls are cracking out the jokes they are well on their way to being very creative.

The Body and Soul article mentions that parents need to nurture their child’s sense of humour without steering them in any particular direction. The parental message is to make sure that the humour is not hurtful.  Throughout the article nature and nurture was discussed in regards to your child’s sense of humour.

Dr Louis Franzini  believes, “A sense of humour is learned, just like most other skills we possess. Parents are the most important influences on their children’s personalities. When a child’s humour development is encouraged – that is, praised and appreciated by the world – it will flourish.”

Do you have jokers at your house? What are the types of jokes are they telling you? Do they corner family and friends with the latest comic creation? Is it all toilet humour? Send in your stories.

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