Playgroup started for 2012


Glad that playgroup is back for this year. The girls had a blast today, sand castles, craft, play dough and ate fresh carrots from the garden. It was a rare day that we had sunshine today and it was quite warm, I know unusual to say for summer but lately it has been cold, rainy or windy.

It was nice to see all the mums and kids again, it was great to catch up with everyone. The girls even ate their first pop corn and had pikelets and went back for more for both. Good start, normally trying things they want nothing to do with it. Very pleased with this eating new foods, hope it continues.

Today was also the birth of a friends second daughter from playgroup, welcome Mia. Tomorrow the girls and I are going to go to the hospital with a bunch of flowers from our wonderful yard t0 congratulate our friend. I am sure if it was me giving birth it might have been another 3 days of labour, who knows. Not sure I want to do it again. Currently the 2 girls are enough.

I am exhuasted so off to bed for me. Might take some tablets for some pains and heat up my wheat bag for my sore body, not sure what it is but think that I moved or sat in the wrong position for a while. This happens every now and then, as I have 2 girls sitting on me often it is hard to move and get comfortable.

Still on pre-school countdown – currently have 26 sleeps to go before the girls are off to school.

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