Daddy, don't eat the lions!


Today Lillian was most insistent on telling Daddy not to eat the lions, they are for the jungle or the forest, not for eating she said, Daddy!!

Not sure where this came from. We did watch Shrek today and maybe with all the animals that might have made her think about it.  Also why would she think Daddy would eat a lion? Has he done so before now? Is there something I don’t know about Daddy? Does he go out on his own and slay a lion and cut it up for the bbq? Maybe it is something men do, but in Katoomba, NSW, I don’t think so. Even if there were lions about daddy would not entertain the idea.

Lillian was even wanting daddy to call his friends at work and let them know not to eat the lions. Maybe people at work are leading Daddy astray? Maybe it is a good thing there to eat lions, as it gives you strength for the working day…ROAR!!!!!

Not sure what she was thinking but it was very cute and she had a lot to say about this topic. Does your little one have a wonderful vivid imagination? Do they tell you all sorts of things? Would love to hear about them.

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