Painting and tent building

Daddy and Lillian in tent

Daddy and Lillian in tent

Today it has not stopped raining, so another indoor craft day I think. What to do to keep the little monkeys busy? The fun for today was painting and tent building.

I set up the dining room for painting. Sheets of paper were organised as was the paint, water and brushes. To make it easier for each child I put the paint into muffin/cupcake tins.  Lillian painted a great picture of a platypus and footprints, Julia painted a platypus and a jungle with footprints, very creative pictures indeed.  This kept the girls entertained for a couple of hours, enough for me to tidy up the kitchen.  A big mess was made, but it is all okay as it will wash off clothes and furniture.  If you don’t use Crayola paint you should as it washes out and you can be confident that it will come out of clothes, walls and other things. Crayola have textas and other items that are washable and I have found these great as well, the girls tend to colour their faces, legs, and other body parts, so it is nice to know that it will all wash off.

After painting the kids hands, faces were washed. A change of clothes were needed for kids and also to mummy as I got dirty as well. Then daddy and the girls built a tent in the living room. The tent was a space for books to be read by daddy and puzzle making time.  Tent was made with 3 dining chairs and a sheet.


As I write this the tent is still up and kids are busy creating more works of art using their pencils and textas, with Wallace and Gromit playing in the background.  What have you been up to this long weekend. I know that hubby is a bit sad that it is raining and wet, he wanted to do some yard work. Maybe next weekend it will be sunnier.



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  • Kate Southam
    June 11, 2012

    Wow, Suzanne, that looks like a wonderful set up for the girls. The bureau predicts dry days from Thursday when there will be lots of fog about. The weekend looks dry on the forecast.

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