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Today I encountered a most unfriendly and rude soul. Not sure if it was a bad day for her or if it just her way. Read below to see if this has happened to you.

I was out today at an indoor play area. I got talking with grandparents while their grandchildren played. Mine were playing with the eldest child. I was holding on and on, but could not anymore; I had to go to the toilet. Before I got up the mother of the kids came back. I stood up and walked over to their table and said, “I am just going to the toilet, just in case something happens with the girls, if you can keep an eye on them that would be great?” It was met with a strange look like I was talking a foreign language and then she said, “So what do you expect me to do?”, I then replied, “I was just saying that I was off to the toilet and in case the kids were upset and they wondered where I was, that’s all.”

Kids seemed fine and I went to the toilet, she was a B#$ch. What is one to do when you are there by yourself with 2 kids? If there was a staff member around I would have asked them like before, but there was none to be seen. Talk about attitude….. It was like she was thinking she was mother superior and I was beneath her.

I for one have minded other kids while the parent went to the loo or to get a coffee if the place was unmanned. Why is it a reach to think that this might happen? There a lot  of responsibility associated with the role ( by this I mean, she did not have to do anything other than watch them). My kids were playing with her eldest and were all having fun. Was just concerned leaving them as I did not want to think mummy was leaving, they might have gotten worried or there could be an accident and at least the adult knows that I am coming back. Other things like people taking my kids without me knowing who you are do come to mind, if this person who did not help knows I will be back soon she will not allow someone to come and claim kids that are not theirs (well that is what I hope).

I for one don’t have family support to take kids or mind kids while I go and do things or at least leave them in the play area while I race to the bathroom. I think maybe some people who have help don’t know what it is like to have none.

One friend I mentioned this to, suggested it is sad that the lady was unhelpful and the loss of community that this indicates. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Why is it that we cannot help each other out more, especially if you are mum alone with kids and you need to urgently go to the bathroom?   Send in your stories of what has happened to you.


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