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Both girls are doing very well with the potty training, and I suppose you could say that the training is nearly done. The next step is to have them get up during the night to go to the toilet, and we are not at that stage yet, both girls are heavy sleepers so end up sleeping through it all and we are still in nappies for night time sleeps.

Yesterday we went out for a picnic and the girls lasted over 3 hours without needing to go to the toilet, a great achievement. However Julia then announced in the car on the way home (only around the corner from the house) “We should have brought the potties mummy”, I asked why, and then she said, “I just did a wee wee”. Oh well she did a good job hanging on so long.   We thought it was funny that the blame was pushed back to the parents. It is our fault that the potty was not there and she had an accident.

Her chair in the car had to be taken out and cleaned, and now is all dry after being in front of the heater last night and this morning.  Daddy and mummy are very impressed at how good both the girls are doing with holding on. For my birthday we went to lunch and the drive to get there was over 20mins and they were so good and no accidents, I asked if they needed to go when we arrived and both said no. We managed to order lunch and half way through eating Lillian said she needed to go, so I took her. Once back Julia said she needed to go, so I took her as well. The trip back was accident free and the girls were very good and waited until we were at home to go to the bathroom.  A week ago we went to lunch at the same place and the girls repeated the same things, no issue and no accidents, they are doing very well.

I have a feeling that being at pre-school helps as they see other kids and are exposed to a bathroom at their height and it is easy to access. We have managed to go to parks, trips, playgroup (I bring the potties as there is only one toilet and if others are using this the girls might not be able to hold on), and shopping.

The girls are sometimes dry in the mornings but mostly not. I have read that this means they are not ready to transition to undies for night time sleeps. It will eventually happen, but what do you look for to see if your little one is ready? The link for Toilet training – staying dry at night from the Victorian State Government has fantastic information that will help anyone questioning if their child is ready or not. If they are ready, it gives some great tips and preparation for the parent/s.

Have you transitioned to night time potty training? How has it gone? I know it will be soon, maybe at the end of the year or next year for us. I don’t want to rush it if they are not ready. I am very pleased at how the girls are holding on longer, and very independent with going to the bathroom during the day and before bedtime.  Send in your comments and any tips or tricks that have worked for you.

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