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Do you do things at different times?

I find that I look around my immediate neighbours and I feel that I am on a different timeline all together. Is it just me that feels like this? Is it a mummy comparison that I will never live up to, or is my way a hack for mummies?

Do you see other people have laundry hung out in the early hours and you have not got to the washing at all? These early birds are wonderful and are super organised. They have the first load of laundry out, and have taken in maybe one or two loads that are dry, folded all laundry and put them away! (I’m lucky to have it all dry and put out when the heat of the day is at its peak!)

Do you despair at the fact that you are on a different path? Sometimes I do, however I have now decided to work with it.

The despair over doing everything at different times than others.

The despair over doing everything at different times than others.

 How do you ask?

With the fact that I miss the magic drying window with the washing, and of course now due to the dryer not working, I have to have things on the line to dry. Being in the Blue Mountains makes things difficult as many days are rainy and now due to autumn and the impending arrival of winter getting clothes dry is going to be increasingly difficult. (We are going to get a replacement dryer but have not done so yet)

Now here is my brilliant wisdom….. if you are not doing this you will be amazed. After you follow this you will be like the early birds with their laundry on the line super early!

My fabulous hack to make things easier for me:

  1. I do as many loads as I can and hang them on the line
  2. I make sure the weather the next day is going to be fine or at least sunny to allow clothes to dry mostly. If they are just a little damp they come in and can finish drying on the clothes horse in the laundry.
  3. I leave the clothes that cannot come in the house on the line overnight and now I am the early bird who has all the laundry on the line and getting dry.
My laundry on the line since last night. Now I'm the early bird today!

My laundry on the line since last night. Now I’m the early bird today!

What things do you do at different times to others? Do you think it works well for you or does it cause issues? Everyone is different and you need to do what works for you. However at times I wish I was a bit different and I could channel a cleaning goddess. I still think hypnosis might be the way to go!

I have on occasion gotten up early to do laundry and housework, but that is never kept up as I do love sleeping in.  Or whatever I can get that is like a sleep in, kids do throw a spanner in the works here!

Let us know what you do to make things a bit easier for you.


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