Mummy's Magical Bed

My bed is so comfy.Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

My bed is so comfy.Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Why is it that mummy and daddy’s bed allows the kid to sleep without problem, whereas their bed makes them cry and get upset. Maybe my bed is magical? Maybe it is just the fact that they can cuddle mummy or daddy?

Lately I have had a body wake at midnight or at the exact time I am choosing to go to bed and then I am usually up all night dealing with the upset and sick child. Yes poor little bums they are.  I think this is the cause of my sore neck, sleeping in an odd position due to accommodating an extra body.

I was hoping that I might have a sleep without the extra person joining our bed, but that was not to be. One of the girls is still a bit out of sorts although feeling better than before, but being in mummies bed seems to make her stop coughing and sleep so soundly.

What other magical properties does my bed hold? Bigger so more room to stretch out and make no room for mummy! Cuddles and love from either parent, yes that is nice but hard to cuddle snoring child all night.

Do you have a magical bed? Do your kids wiggle their way into your bed at night?  Send in your comments.

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