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Yes pre-school is back for term 4, although the last one of the year but I am happy that school is back. Having the kids at pre-school allows me to do my things or just have a rest from the constant wants of little kids. It is hard to be on and going non stop and it is very nice to have the house quiet and some down time. Although this down time does consist of tidying and cleaning but I will try not to do too much as I need to maximise my two days this week. The girls only have two days this week due to a pupil free day on Monday, so next week back to the standard three days and an even happier mummy.

Do you like your quiet time? I know I do. I love it when I am alone and able to concentrate and get things done. Sometimes I do feel terrible for wanting to be left alone but I suppose that is what mothers do, they feel guilty about looking after themselves. I am trying not to feel bad as it is good to do self care and focus on you. A better mother makes a better family.

Some great links about mums/moms and self care:

It was hard to get everyone out of the house this morning and even harder when I had to wake very tired kids. Why is it that when it is school holidays they wake at 6am or earlier and when it is a school day mummy has to wake them and get them out of bed. Not fair I must say.

This term I am going to aim to be more organised and have my things ready to go, by this I mean my sewing, study and so on. I aim to create more, do more and just get more done that I would like to achieve. My fear is that if I don’t then I will be in school holidays again and hanging for next year for school to start again. I know, never happy.  So watch this space, I am going to be a force to be reckoned with, a creative dynamite (well I can live in hope, can’t I?)

I am looking forward to the Christmas school holidays as we are going to visit Grandma and Grandad and go to the beach. As I am originally from Queensland, I miss the beach and the hot weather. So going to the beach is something that I really miss and cannot wait to do. Bring it on!  The kids will love it and it will be a good day out, however need to wait until December for this unless we go up the coast on the weekend or to the city.

Are you happy school has gone back? Is it just me that hangs for school to return? I love the kids and enjoy being with them, but school is my only time out. I am sure there are others that feel the same way. It is a bit sad that it is the last term of the year, soon it will mark the end of my girls first year at pre-school. Some of their friends are off to big school next year but they have another year. They need to be 5 in the middle of the year but they are 5 in September (the end of the year), so they have to go the next year. This is good as they will have another year learning and growing and be bigger and better for big school in 2014.  Send in your comments.

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