Merry Christmas 2019


Merry Christmas everyone!

It really doesn’t feel much like Christmas, emergencies, fires, evacuations and road closures.  Not to mention the apocalyptic skies that are always with the red fire sun.

We escaped earlier for our holiday due to road closures (we were mainly concerned about road closures..if the road got blocked we couldn’t go on holiday and if there was a fire we couldn’t leave)  and impending fire that might be on its way to us. I’m sure the house will be fine, if it isn’t there is not much we can do.

Our family is spending some much-needed downtime with family on the coast, going to the beach, relaxing and just being a tourist with the kids.

The kids are super excited to open presents from Santa tomorrow and I’m keen to just relax and take it easy.

However, relaxing is not that simple on a family holiday… it’s really just looking after kids in a different place.

I am thankful for all the volunteer firefighters that are helping us all stay safe, they have given up their free time, work and time with family to help others. These people might not get a Christmas Day and be out fighting more fires.

New South Wales is suffering from the worst fire in over 50 years, South Australia is suffering from horrible fires too, plus Queensland is under siege with fires as well. Basically it seems everywhere is on fire.

Our house is residential and not near bushland but others that were residential had ember strikes and were not so lucky.  So hopefully we will be okay when we return…I truly think it will all be okay but we packed essential papers and photos just in case.

Two firefighters lost their lives helping others in this horrible crisis, these two men had young kids and will be greatly missed by their families, you can donate to help these firefighters families.

Donations of food and help are always appreciated by the volunteer firefighters, find out how you can help the NSW Firefighters 

This is the time of year that I think of what we achieved, what I am grateful for and what I would like to do in the new year. Do you take a quick assessment like this too about the year that has been?

How are you spending your Christmas this year? If you have evacuated due to fires I do hope you are all safe and well.

Stay safe everyone and have a Merry Christmas.

Thanks so much for following the blog and being part of my community. I am working on some big changes for the blog in 2020 and I hope you all will love them.

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